What Is Invisalign Treatment?


The most effective tooth replacement option available today is the Invisalign treatment, also called "invisible braces." Clear aligners, also called clear braces, are clear plastic types of braces used to straighten teeth without interfering with the natural alignment of the teeth. Although some may be concerned about their potential to give youngsters too much freedom in choosing their hairstyle and clothing, Invisalign has been proven to provide worthwhile benefits to adults as well. And since many adults (including teens) are uncomfortable with traditional braces, clear aligners may offer an ideal way to straighten teeth while still maintaining good oral hygiene.
Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment does not require the use of metal or plastic wires; Invisalign treatment simply requires the placement of specially-made aligners on the front teeth of the patient. The treatment only takes one or two visits to the orthodontist, as opposed to the multiple visits required with traditional braces. Once set in place, Invisalign treatments last for an extended period, often up to six months. Therefore, there is no need to wear these aligners beyond the initial treatment.
While traditional braces can be highly uncomfortable and can also be painful, patients rarely suffer from any drawbacks with Invisalign treatments. Invisalign is far more comfortable than wearing traditional metal brace systems, as the material it is constructed from is completely invisible. As a result, the wearer will not be able to feel any discomfort when wearing their new aligner system. Invisalign treatment also allows patients to experience lessened anxiety about their appearance, as they will have straighter teeth without having to worry about a visible brace underneath their teeth. The removal of the metal brace system also allows patients to see where their teeth are about each other; as they will not be seeing their aligner on a monitor placed in front of their teeth, but rather be able to view the tooth moving back and forth when the braces are removed.
Although the traditional method of wearing Invisalign braces is still in effect, there are now clear aligners that have proven to be even more successful. Clear braces will replace traditional braces, and will also provide the same benefits as Invisalign, including teeth movement correction and comfort. While traditional aligner technology may not be as effective as Invisalign, the clear aligners offer some advantages that cannot be found with traditional methods. These clear aligners are available at a much lower cost and may provide you with a brighter, straighter smile that better matches your natural smile.
When considering the pros and cons of each Invisalign treatment method, it is important to first consult with a qualified dentist. There are many options and styles available to you, and not all may work for you. If you do not have a dental insurance plan, it may be wise to discuss the options of using traditional braces with your dental professional. Your doctor can give you advice on whether or not this type of treatment is the right choice for you. Also read more about dental braces here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dental_braces
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